The Ukrainian player made a harsh sentence for the support of “DNR”: life

Украинскому футболисту вынесли жесткий приговор за поддержку "ДНР": пожизненно

The career of one of the Ukrainian players are ruined forever, he will not be able to return

Former player of the football clubs SK “Kakhovka” PFK “Sumy” Kramatorsk “Vanguard” Sergey Kozachenko received a lifetime suspension. This is stated in the decision of control and disciplinary Committee of FFU.

The document indicated that the passage to the end of his days it is forbidden to carry out any activity connected with football, to play, to train, to be a judge or even comment on football matches.

Украинскому футболисту вынесли жесткий приговор за поддержку "ДНР": пожизненно

Украинскому футболисту вынесли жесткий приговор за поддержку "ДНР": пожизненно

The storm washed up on the beach in Odessa, a major “production”: it is guarded by the border guards and the SBU, details, and frames

The reason for such a severe punishment for Kozachenko was the fact that the player in 2016-2017 played in the “Stronghold of Donbass”, the honorary President was the leader of the DNI Alexander Zakharchenko, interestingly, before the match apparently players admonished by the militants.

This club Kozachenko moved from Kramatorsk, where he played for Avangard. The team played not only in the “competition” in the NPT, but also participated in the open championship on football in Rostov region.

Starting in 2018 Kozachenko began to play for the team SC Kakhovka. In the spring this team won the Cup region, and then the player takes part in the Russian social network Vkontakte wrote that the Cup travel to Donetsk. After this scandal, which occurred this spring, Sergey Kozachenko left Kakhovka.

Украинскому футболисту вынесли жесткий приговор за поддержку "ДНР": пожизненно

Also earlier it was reported that the athlete from Ukraine caught in a doping scandal.

Member of the Paralympic national team of Ukraine in cross-country skiing Natalia Rubanovsky at the world Cup was deprived of three medals. In addition, she was disqualified for two years for doping.

This information became known from the statement of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), reports Inside the Games.

The report said that Rubanovskaya did not pass the test for a prohibited substance furosemide before the world Cup Paralympic cross-country skiing and biathlon, which was held in January 2018 in Oberried (Germany).

As you know, she suffers from vision problems. After the disqualification, its medal went to Russian Marina Galitzine. In addition, the Ukrainian was left without the two bronze medals she won at the world Championships in Vuokatti, Finland.

We will remind, the player of the Carpathians Lviv has established unique achievement.

As reported Politeka, Ibrahimovic close to return to Europe.

Also Politeka wrote that Barcelona is preparing a revolution for camp Nou.

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