The UK Post issued stamps with the profile of Elizabeth II for the last time.

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 British Post issued stamps with profile of Elizabeth II for the last time < /p>

The profile of Queen Elizabeth II was last printed on new Royal Mail stamps issued for Christmas, according to the BBC.

The set consists of six stamps with evangelical nativity scenes executed in art deco style.

The white profile-silhouette of Queen Elizabeth II is present on all Royal Mail stamps, the royal profile – this is her symbol.

At the end of September, the Royal Mail officially confirmed that the profile of the deceased Queen on stamps would be replaced with that of her son King Charles III.

Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, was interested in postage stamps all her life. She was a patron of the Royal London Society of Philatelists – the oldest philatelic club in the world.

This honorary position she, continuing the tradition of the royal family, took in 1952, when she ascended the throne.

George V, her grandfather was the patron of this society since 1910.

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