The truth was revealed about the state of Ukrainian seafarers: “look at the hand of Basil”

Вскрылась правда о состоянии украинских моряков: "посмотрите на руку Василия"

Wounded Ukrainian sailors were not received in Russia proper medical care and due to injuries are unable to move normally

This was announced on his page in the social network, the lawyer Evgenia Zakrevskaya.

“Look at your left hand Vasil Soroka. In these photos and on video. Now I understand why a month and a half, Russia ignores the ECHR requirement from 30.11.2018 on providing medical documentation for the captive sailors (the deadline was to 03.12.2018)? Now it is clear that the same time Russia violates a temporary measure adopted by the ECtHR in the order 39 of the rules of the Convention 4.12.2018 obliging Russia to grant all prisoners the sailors, especially the wounded proper medical treatment?”, — the report says.

Вскрылась правда о состоянии украинских моряков: "посмотрите на руку Василия"

“Andrew Adair and Andrew Artemenko is a similar situation. Eider — limping and unable to bend left leg is clearly seen in the video.
As a result of “slight injury of soft tissues” hands Artemenko — the hand trembles and a half months, and in jail even elastic bandage for fixation is not. I do not know how in the Matrosskaya Tishina everything is “fine” with the means for rehabilitation,” said Zakrevsky.

We will remind, on November 25, the Russian border guards attacked and captured three Ukrainian vessel in Kerch Strait. They accused the Ukrainian sailors with illegally entering their territorial waters — ostensibly the military of the Navy came into their territory without warning. These charges deny the sailors. They all declared themselves prisoners of war.

Вскрылась правда о состоянии украинских моряков: "посмотрите на руку Василия"

Вскрылась правда о состоянии украинских моряков: "посмотрите на руку Василия"

The corpse of a man lying in plain sight in the supermarket of Kiev: “I fell in the sweet Department”, photo

Earlier it was reported that the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on human rights Lyudmila Denisova spoke with his Russian counterpart Tatiana Moskalkova, — according to her, initially the condition of the injured sailors was assessed as severe. Affected very young children: Andrew D. Adair born in 1999 from Odessa, Andrey Artemenko 1994 from Novoukrainka, and Vasily V. Soroka, born in 1991 from Odessa.

We will remind, the lawyer of Ukrainian sailors appeal the court’s decision in Europe.

As reported Politeka, captive sailor Roman mokryak refused to answer the questions of the FSB.

Politeka also wrote that the police harshly dispersed a rally in support of Ukrainian seafarers in Odessa

The sailors brought in the court

Ukrainian sailors brought in the courtroom to the applause and under the words “Glory to Ukraine” (Lefortovsky district court of Moscow), among sailors, in the video — Andrew Adair, Andrew Artemenko and Basil Forty this the sailors injured during the attack by Russian security forces.(Video shot by our Russian colleagues from the joint Group of Public observation of observance of Constitutional freedoms)

Gepostet von Crimean Process am Dienstag, 15. Januar 2019

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