The tragedy occurred in an Elevator with a pregnant woman in Kiev: “Flying down the 10 floors”

Трагедия произошла в лифте с беременной в Киеве: "Пролетела вниз 10 этажей"

In Kiev in the new house was PE

In a failed lift almost hit a pregnant. The building is only 9 years old, there are three elevators. One passenger has been up for about a year. And the second too small, the pregnant woman flew down the whole 10 floors, and miraculously survived.

These events Helen recalls with horror. Went to the store, went into the cabin, pressed the button – and then everything, like a fog.

“Begins to sound some sort of siren in the Elevator, he crazy reached the 25th floor, after which it sharply… it was a fall, not a descent lift. I started to press all the buttons that exist in the Elevator on the 15th floor and he miraculously stopped, while the siren was screaming,” – said from Kiev.

The woman in the fifth month of pregnancy independently opened the door and got out of the lift. Surprised how she had the strength. May fright added adrenaline.

“It was a fraction of a second. I fear beginning to choke, the first time was such a reaction, never experienced,” recalls Elena.

Трагедия произошла в лифте с беременной в Киеве: "Пролетела вниз 10 этажей"

This is not the first case, according to residents. Last year in one of the elevators has fallen by two guys.

“Elevators are designed for 5 years, almost 10, and every time comes here repair service, they just shrug and say: we have nothing to repair them and no place to order these parts. It’s just a disaster, like Russian roulette until someone is down and will not show the terrible news on TV,” says the resident of the house.

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Трагедия произошла в лифте с беременной в Киеве: "Пролетела вниз 10 этажей"

The house is home to mostly young families. Say, appealed to the housing office, but to no avail. In the office of the enterprise on which balance high-rise building – neither the Director nor his two deputies on the ground there, just the receptionist. She says they’re on the detour, did not come into the problem object, where people almost die because there weren’t applications for the control room.

Lawyers are advised to file complaints, because it is the only way to get through to officials. You need to turn into condominiums or housing office, organization, wizard which came, to the state Committee for housing and utilities, and to require inspections. And only in the case of persistence you can defend their right to safety.

We will remind, in Sumy the Elevator broke with a baby along with a stroller.

We also wrote that in Kiev in a high-rise building Elevator collapsed with the child.

Even politeka reported that in Kiev the Elevator “popped” the stroller with the baby and went up.

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