The tragedy in Gazprom: the corpse of an associate of Putin found under the Windows, details

Трагедия в Газпроме: труп соратника Путина нашли под окнами, детали

A senior official of the Russian “Gazprom” has suddenly decided to settle scores with life

This information is confirmed by local law enforcement.

It is noted that the incident occurred this morning, March 15, in Moscow.

Трагедия в Газпроме: труп соратника Путина нашли под окнами, детали

Reportedly, the employee of the Russian monopoly “Gazprom” fell from the window of the 30th floor of a skyscraper, which is located on the street Nametkina. It is known that this building houses the headquarters of the gas company.

According to the information that was published in the Telegram-channel 112 who died was 31-year-old Mr Ostroukhov, who worked as a leading specialist in “Gazprom”.

“From the window of the 30th floor of a building of Gazprom on the street Nametkina fallen man. 31-year-old leading specialist Mr Ostroukhov came to work, drank coffee, opened the window and jumped out. Suicide note not found”, — stated in the message.

The police also confirmed the information about the terrible incident in the Russian capital, which happened this morning.

“Man fell, died from the got injuries”, — stated in the Moscow police said that at the scene working emergency services.

Трагедия в Газпроме: труп соратника Путина нашли под окнами, детали

As previously reported, the performance of the cult group in the capital turned into a tragedy. Relevant information was published in the Telegram-channel Mash. It is known that the tragedy occurred yesterday, March 10, at the concert of the famous German rock band In Extremo.

According to available information, a terrible incident happened at GlavClub on the Green Concert, which is located in Moscow. So, during the speech of the rockers between the two spectators and a fight ensued, which resulted in the injuries incompatible with life, got 31-year-old man Ruslan Sichenko.

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It is reported that the injured man was discovered inside the building after the concert. The doctors tried to help him, but to save him failed.

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As reported Politeka, distraught officer opened fire in the streets: the details of the scandalous incident.

Also Politeka wrote about the murder of main witness in the case of diamond prosecutors.

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