The tourist vowed to “never return to London”: what happened

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 Tourist vowed "never to return to London": what happened
< br /> The video shows how Ethan's stepmother wanted to take a photo with the horse and reached for the reins. The guardsman started yelling at the woman not to touch the reins, reports The Mirror.

The woman, frightened, jumped back and backed away. The video was captioned: “We will never return to London after this incident.” The video has received millions of views, but is now unavailable.

The incident caused mixed reactions, with many people feeling sorry for the woman, who they said didn't realize she was doing something wrong. Other netizens commented that “this is not Disney” and these horses serve the army.

The guards also reacted to the incident: “We take all such incidents seriously and want all those who visit the horse guards to have a good time. This area is especially busy tourists, and sometimes soldiers on guard duty have to yell loudly to warn members of the public if they get too close to the horses, which happened in this case.

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