The tour of the FN in 80 questions

The national Front launched a major consultation.


Change of course the national Front ? After a presidential history, but considered a disappointment, the party frontiste seeks to renew. And start again, especially since the departure of Florian Philippot. The Opinion relates that the three spokespersons of the FN, Sébastien Chenu, Jordan Bardella and Julian Sanchez, presented this Tuesday, the broad consultation of members. In 80 questions, the party hopes to better identify their profile and to create thematic carriers for its future, to only four months of the congress of the FN, which will be held on 10 and 11 march in Lille (North). “Build with us the new national Front,” says in the preamble of this consultation Marine Le Pen, who noted that his party must now ” evolve (…) and prepare to bear it, tomorrow, the exercise of power “. Europe, outside the Euro, 35 hours, gay marriage, immigration… All the subjects are here discussed. Members are even invited to specify which newspapers or magazines they read regularly. Among the focal questions, note the Opinion : “Would you support a name change of the national Front ? “

The FN wants to assess whether its members are still the left-right axis is relevant, or if they prefer the ” cleavage patriot-globalist “, says the daily. The party also offers, through its sentences, the opportunity for its members to rétropédaler on topics that have forged the traditional line of the FN : “Are you in favour of the question of money is no longer presented as a priority within our economic programme ? “one can in particular read. A few weeks after the departure of Florian Philippot, the party frontiste also seeks to evaluate which head displays the members would like to see take on more responsibility within the party.

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In search of a second breath

Note that the FN is not the only one who wanted to test the waters with his constituents. Recently, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Jean-Frédéric Poisson, after you have launched the association of The Lovers of the France, have decided to launch a “platform” good citizenship”, online : internet users are invited to answer 300 questions which will ultimately constitute an offer alternative to the policy conducted by Emmanuel Macron.

After a setback in legislative elections and the start of school difficult for Marine Le Pen, the FN is trying somehow to find a second wind. But the ex-right arm of the president of the party frontiste could well put a spoke in the wheels. Coincidence (or not), Florian Philippot, has already indicated that it would be publishing a book early next year. It is not excluded that it organizes the grand gathering, the founder of the Patriots, at the same time as the congress of the FN.

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