The top journalist of the Russian Federation was sued by her own ex-husband

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 Russian top journalist sued by own ex-husband

The top journalist of the Russian Federation Margarita Ovsyannikova, who recently had an anti-war poster lit up live, was sued by her ex-husband. The lawsuit was filed with the Cheryomushkinsky Court of Moscow on April 19. This is a dispute about the upbringing of children. The meeting will take place on May 16. According to the journalist, Margarita Simonyan is to blame for everything, for whom her ex-husband works at RT. “I think he is a decent enough person, and I thought he would not want to cause unnecessary stress to our children. I don't think it's his initiative. Probably, he was given a choice: either we fire you, or you act with us at the same time, — from she noted.

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