The tiger mauled his partner in the zoo: “chance of escape”

Тигр растерзал свою партнершу в зоопарке: "шансов на спасение не было"

In London zoo there was a terrible incident

Sumatran tiger by the name of Asim had beaten to death his partner Melati. The tragedy happened during the direct Dating of animals.

10-year-old Melati was one of the favorites of the local zoo. A month ago, from Denmark, she was delivered of a partner. For the past ten days tigers lived in neighbouring cages. Staff had hoped that in this way they will be able to get acquainted with each other.

Тигр растерзал свою партнершу в зоопарке: "шансов на спасение не было"

Last Friday at the zoo decided to settle finally, as expected, a couple of future. However, their first contact turned into a deadly case.

7-year-old male aggressively reacted to a new girl and started beating her. Employees of the zoo tried to breed animals, but to prevent Asim, a reaction which was completely unexpected, they could not.

After the male moved away from the Melati, it managed to lure in the previous place of residence. However, vets were unable to save the life of a badly beaten tiger.

Earlier it was reported that he killed 22-year-old beauty at the zoo. The tragedy happened in the us state of North Carolina. Leo had to shoot.

Zoologists hoped that these two tigers will breed in the framework of the European program for the conservation of this endangered species of animals from Sumatra.

Тигр растерзал свою партнершу в зоопарке: "шансов на спасение не было"

Previously, Catherine Sanders, caretaker of the tigers at the zoo, said: “Asim — beautiful, confident cat who is known for his love of the ladies. We hope that it will become the perfect partner for our beautiful Melati”.

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Sumatran tigers are endangered only in the wild was only 400 individuals of this species. They are the smallest of the living subspecies of tigers. At the same time, they are considered more aggressive than their counterparts.

Recall that in Russia on the street the tiger walked without a muzzle.

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Also Politeka wrote: in China, the tiger to death tormented the woman.

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