The theater that feeds the soul

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The theater that feeds the soul

‘Tamanka Teatro’ has just premiered a show for babies: ‘Pompitas’. / ED

She has a degree in Communication. And she is a social educator. But in his early childhood memories the theater already appeared as the protagonist. Back then it seemed like a game to him: he had a good time on stage. This has hardly changed. Estíbaliz Delgado still likes to express the playful part of this branch of culture: it allows him to play at being someone else. And above all, it allows you to create. Besides acting, what makes him happiest is generating the scripts for ‘Tamanka Teatro’, the company he founded (together with three colleagues) 23 years ago (in 1998). This is “a pleasure” for her. Not only because he enjoys making up stories, but because this is his way of feeding the soul.

She does not consider acting an escape route: “It is a connection with a gift that I have had since I was little,” she explains. You do not need to escape from your reality. When you act, you connect with your deepest essence. It also makes the audience reflect or have a good time.

It is from the island that (unfortunately) has been on everyone’s lips for days: La Palma. It has no origin, but it has been grazing in Segovia all its life. It was here that he created ‘Tamanka Teatro’. He did so driven by his vocation and “the need to share with others the beauty of what they do,” he says.

His passion for culture runs in the family: his mother, uncle and cousin have artistic gifts that they have developed in an amateur way. Despite this, it was difficult to tell them that he wanted to dedicate himself to this. “Socially, many times it is not understood that it is a job as worthy as another,” he criticizes. Your job (like the rest) requires effort, professionalism and training. There are still those who consider art to be a minor profession. It is not like this. And it has been shown that culture is the window to the world.

“Nature calms us down, calms us down, makes us be better with ourselves and with others,” he says. For more than 20 years, his company has specialized in making theater in natural spaces. They are aware of the need to work on their responsibility to the environment. From their proposals, “they claim and work on this co-responsibility.”

They also bet on making art for families. His goal is that everyone who sees his works “gets something.” They have just premiered a baby show: ‘Pompitas’. Delgado has seen many colleagues “fall” throughout his career. His project still stands. “Stay here” makes you proud. And it prompts him to fight for permanence.

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