The tests used by MADA are 10 times worse at recognizing the Omicron strain

The tests used by MADA recognize the Omicron strain 10 times worse /> </p >
<p> Channel 12 of Israeli TV reports that six types of antigen tests have been tested at the National Virology Laboratory. </p>
<p> Two of them were & ldquo; significantly worse & rdquo; in the recognition of the Omicron strain than everyone else. </p>
<p> According to the laboratory, antigen tests from BD and Standard are 10 times less sensitive to the virus. </p>
<p> Four other tests recognize Omicron; at the same level that Delta recognized and the original strain of coronavirus. </p>
<p> Three days ago, MADA stopped using the two test kits mentioned and switched to more efficient tests. Despite this, the aforementioned test kits are still sold in pharmacies, and the Ministry of Health has not released any statement about their lesser effectiveness. </p>
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