The terrorists who killed the little Israeli woman can be released

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 Terrorists who killed a little Israeli woman may be released

10 years ago, Palestinian terrorists threw stones at the Beaton family's car.

Two-year-old Adele Beaton suffered severe head injuries and died after two years of suffering in hospital.< br />
The bastards who took the girl's life got 15 years in prison.

Adele's mother, Dr. Edva Beaton, recently reached out to well-known Israeli blogger Target. She told him, “A few months ago, I received a crazy text message saying that the killers who destroyed my family would be brought before a pardon board and could get a third of their sentences cut off. Only in a country that has completely gone astray are terrorists granted privileges! Only in a country that has completely gone astray does a pardon commission exist for them. Who is not clear. that the punishment for terrorists who killed a baby should be death?”

Edva Beaton asks for the support of all the people of Israel. She intends to arrive at Megido Prison and demand “bold and logical action” from the judges.

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