The terrorists are recruiting young people through online games

Some extremist groups use multiplayer and in-game chat functions to attract new members. It is reported The Star Online.

It happens not only in games but also on platforms like Reddit and Discord. Recruit and during live broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube.

Why xenophobes use games to attract new participants? According to Joan Donovan of Data and Society, the proponents of white supremacy had already recruited members via the online platform. “First-person shooters is one of the best places to search for disaffected young people,” said Donovan.

Террористы вербуют подростков через онлайн-игры

“I saw how extremist groups were interacting with others, not to mention the fact that they are chauvinists. Xenophobes find the disaffected youth, and use this social movement,” explains Joan.

While the gaming platform like Steam forbid inflammatory statements, it’s hard to find a group of haters with so many people. As a result, many platforms rely on users, who must report such cases.

Greg Boyd from the law firm Frankfurt Kurnit noted that Microsoft, PlayStation, and Steam are taking every month 48 million, 70 million and 130 million active users.

“This population of Spain, France and Russia. And then imagine that you are in control of all their text and voice chats, for virtually every language and dialect,” commented Boyd.

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