“The terrorist will be tried and his sentence will be death”

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Ret. Brigadier General Zvika Vogel, former chief of staff of the Southern Command and number 10 on the Religious Zionist list, commented on his entry into the 25th Knesset.
< br /> “At the beginning of this election campaign, we already made a work plan, all of which is based on the adoption of new laws in the State of Israel – the law on immunity for soldiers and the law on how to deal with those who harm the State of Israel.”< br />
Vogel, in response to the question of what the fate of the terrorist will be, replied: “He is sentenced to death. I'm not going to shoot him while he's on the floor, is he a terrorist? He will be tried and sentenced to death. The death penalty for terrorists is not only in theory, but also in practice. I'm not going to turn the army and security forces into assassins or mercenaries, forget it. All I want is to give a soldier the ability to shoot a terrorist holding a dummy Molotov cocktail if he has the bottle in his hand and is within 30 meters of the soldier”

“We will explain to the terrorists that with us you won't get a master's degree in prison and you won't be released in a prisoner exchange. That's what I think, and I always thought that, even before I came to Otzma Yehudit. I've always said exactly the same things. We are being attacked by an enemy whose dream is to build an Islamic state on the ruins of Israel. He is using terror in a war of attrition and this must be stopped,” he stressed.

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