“The terrorist studied with me as an engineer”

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 "Terrorist studied engineering with me"

The Israeli press reports that terrorist Islam Faroukh studied engineering at Azrieli College.

A graduate of Azrieli College spoke about the terrorist: “This morning I was shocked to see that it was a student I know. He was shy, studied engineering with me for three years. He was always quiet, didn't mix much with Jews and only hung out with Arab students. Unfortunately, he will probably finish his second degree in prison on our taxes. It is unfortunate that people who study with us use our capabilities and resources to harm us.”

Yosef Khatab also studied with the terrorist at Azrieli College: “We have always treated Arab students as to equals, and today I found out that a guy who studied two years above me in the engineering department took the path of killing Jews only because of their Jewishness and used his professional and engineering knowledge to kill Jews."

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