The tendril struck fans with an unusual practice: “Aquaman in”

Усик поразил поклонников необычной тренировкой: "Аквамен в деле"

The absolute world champion Alexander Usik is still without a rival on debut in the heavyweight division, but still never misses the opportunity to maintain his physical form

In his Instagramукраинский boxer posted a video with an unusual training process.

The video shows how the Tendril plunged in the chest with a gorgeous pool fulfills a series of strikes pound dumbbells in his hands.

Усик поразил поклонников необычной тренировкой: "Аквамен в деле"

Based on geolocation under the video Ukrainian champion has already returned with a long, tropical vacation and is now in Kiev, waiting for the next battle.

Subscribers Mustache humor took the unusual exercise of his champion and several times joked about this.

Basically, the joke touched on the character in the film “Aquaman”, which was recently shown in cinemas.

“Daaaaaay the urine of these dolphins!!!!))))”, “Aquaman in”, “Ready to fight with Aquaman?”, “Already Sanja beat nobody. Beats water because everything is already refused. Handsome!!!!”, “Water mane clean)”, “Sanya-the winner of water!)”.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the absolute world champion in the heavyweight Alexander Usik decided on potential opponents for his debut in the heavyweight division. The Ukrainian boxer promoter Eddie Hearn announced that his client had already chosen his three possible opponents, one of whom he’d like to spend the first fight in a new weight class.

The representative of Alexander Usik said that next fight Ukrainian champion to be held in late spring in the USA. According to Eddie Hearn, his debut opponent in the heavyweight division, Ukrainian sees Alexander Povetkin, Joseph Parker, Luis Ortiz.

“Everything goes to the fact that the next fight Alexander Usik will take place on may 18 in the United States. As an opponent for the upcoming fight we see Povetkin, Parker or Ortiz. Let’s see who wants to step into the ring against whiskers. He is ready to fight Ortiz, Parker, Povetkin – with all these guys.

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Усик поразил поклонников необычной тренировкой: "Аквамен в деле"

I personally would not like to see it met with such boxers in his debut fight in the heavyweight division, but he wants. I wish he fought easier opponents, but it requires these. Probably, therefore love him,” said Hearn in an interview for the YouTube channel FightHype.

Recall that the expert estimated the chances of the Barbel in superteach: “it’s too early to go to Joshua.”

As reported Politeka previously revealed the secret to winning Moustache: “the Fat champion bring exclusive”.

Politeka also wrote that Vladimir Klitschko’s chances of Usyk in the heavyweight division.

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