The taxi driver fell asleep at the wheel in Kiev, “car up”

Таксист заснул за рулем в Киеве: «машина вхлам»

The Uber driver, asleep at the wheel, at full speed crashed into a tree and a pole

A traffic accident took place in Kiev at the hem, according to the Telegram-channel Kyiv Operativni.

The accident occurred about half past one a.m. on Kontraktova square, namely at the intersection of Constantine and the Saviour. A taxi driver, driving on the city highway, fell asleep. His Skoda on the speed and flew into the nearest pillar and a tree. The front of the machine just broken up.

Таксист заснул за рулем в Киеве: «машина вхлам»

In the car was just the driver. He called an ambulance and doctors had to man through on the spot. How seriously he is wounded, not reported. Fortunately, none of the bystanders were not injured.

It is noted that the driver was sober. He said that he was very tired for a change as there were a lot of orders.

As previously reported, night in the capital of Ukraine drunk driver made a terrible accident. So, in Kiev on the Metro bridge there was a terrible accident involving cars Mitsubishi Lancer and a Renault Clio. Both cars are in taxi service Uber. It is known that at the time of the accident, the driver of the Mitsubishi was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

According it is reported that the accident happened early morning at 04:45. The investigation revealed that both vehicles were moving, according to his order, for the Metro bridge across Rusanovsky Strait.

Таксист заснул за рулем в Киеве: «машина вхлам»

The driver of the Lancer was unable to regain control and at high speed crashed into the rear of the car Clio. It turned out that at the time of the incident in the car Mitsubishi sat the passenger. Renault taxi driver also drove the two girls.

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Таксист заснул за рулем в Киеве: «машина вхлам»

From-for strong blow the car Renault launched on the road.

Таксист заснул за рулем в Киеве: «машина вхлам»

One of the passengers Clio hit your head pretty hard. Of damage to the car Lancer crashed the entire front end and windshield, and Renault has broken back and front bumper.

The man who was driving the Mitsubishi, was unable to explain the reason why he collided with another car on an empty night road as the driver was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. However, he did not deny that he drank before the trip, celebrating his birthday. However, the owner of the Lancer did not want to donate blood for analysis of alcohol content.

There were two crews of patrol police officers, and doctors “first aid”.

Recall, on the fatal street of Kharkov there was another accident, the first details.

As reported Politeka bus driver made a fatal road accident in the Ukrainian city details.

Also Politeka wrote about that in the Parliament are preparing a “RAID” on the drivers back into the past.

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