The tax office confiscated 11 cars worth NIS 3 million from debtors

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 The tax office confiscated 11 cars from debtors for 3 million shekels< /p>

As part of the Internal Revenue Service's initiative, a major operation was carried out yesterday in Kfar Qasim, Jaljulia and Kfar Bar.

As part of the operation of the national debt collection conducted in cooperation with the Kfar Kassem police, 11 taxpayers' vehicles, including several luxury vehicles, were confiscated for debts.

Even before the operation, the police carried out extensive preparations, including intelligence gathering on the ground about persons evading VAT, income tax and real estate tax. In total, debts were collected totaling NIS 1,009,179 for VAT, NIS 1,107,907 for income tax and NIS 825,548 for property tax. Such operations are carried out in order to preserve the managerial, deterrent and law enforcement potential of the authorities.

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