“The target of the explosion was Daria Dugina”

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 "The target of the explosion was Daria Dugina"

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New details of a car explosion on Mozhaisk Highway have become known. Recall that the incident occurred on the evening of Saturday, August 20. The body of 29-year-old journalist Darya Dugina (Platonova), the daughter of the famous political scientist Alexander Dugin, was found in a burned-out car.

(an annual family festival where lovers of poetry and music gather). At about 21:00 they went back to Moscow.

Initially, some sources reported that, by some chance, Daria Dugina ended up in her father's car, and the political scientist himself was returning to the capital in another car. According to one version, it was the man and his car that were the target of the unknown bombers, and the girl died by accident.

belonged to Darya, – a law enforcement source told KP.RU. – She herself came on it. Alexander Dugin left the festival in a different car, but almost at the same time as his daughter.

According to the source, Daria drove about two kilometers along the Zvenigorod highway, turned to Mozhayskoye at a traffic light, and at that moment the explosive device detonated. The burning crumpled SUV drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into the fence of a private house. There were other cars nearby, but miraculously no one else was hurt.

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