The surgeons in Russia are found in the stomach of the girl half a kilo of hair

В России хирурги обнаружили в желудке девушки полкилограмма волос

Russian woman ten years to grow in the stomach of a giant Mat of hair.

In Tomsk doctors removed from the stomach of a 16 year old girl half a kilo of hair, reports the with reference to

According to the newspaper, the young patient went to the hospital with a complaint of hair loss. The doctor diagnosed her with anemia. During the examination, the doctors found in her stomach, a foreign body, which occupied 80 percent of the body. The native of Tomsk immediately performed surgery, as the hair could clog the gastrointestinal tract.

Surgeons cut through the abdominal wall and opened the stomach to remove trihobezoar — the formation of densely matted hair in the digestive tract. The girl confessed that about ten years chewed her locks. According to the chief of the er Andrei Karavaev, the patient recovers and feels well.

On the advice of doctors tomichka will meet with a psychiatrist who will help her to get rid of bad habits.

The President of Kazakhstan has awarded Putin the order of his name

In March it was reported that in China from girl’s stomach removed polutorametrovy lump of hair. The girl complained to mother of pain in the stomach. Computed tomography showed that inside the body there is a huge Mat of hair stuck in it pieces of food. It was removed surgically.

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