The sun can play havoc with the inhabitants of the Earth: destroy all

Солнце может сыграть злую шутку с жителями Земли: уничтожит все

Astrophysicists have determined the flash power, which in 2016 was spotted at a star JW 566, located in the constellation of Orion, 1,500 light years from the Sun

They identified it and was horrified: it was 10 billion times (!) more powerful than a typical solar flare. This happen on our sun — the Earth would come the inevitable end. Take away the substance instantly burned all around.

Scientists told about the discovery in the Astrophysical journal, thereby sowing doubts: and suddenly the Sun can do that to us as severely.

Солнце может сыграть злую шутку с жителями Земли: уничтожит все

The suspicion that our man prepares a fire punch, appeared before. Two years ago they became particularly acute: the media was filled with dire predictions, they say, the end of our civilization is near. Since then — in September 2017 — the Sun is very boisterous. Several days in a row “spit” into the Ground flares of class X, the most powerful according to the current classification: X1 to X9 3.3. They broke radio contact around the world that accompanied the flare coronal emissions arranged magnetic storms, which led to voltage surges, breakdowns in the power grid. Some people beat out the fuses. And meteodependent people sick head was pounding heart, rolls over blood pressure.

Sometimes, of course, worse. The outbreak, which occurred in the fall of 1859 and was named carringtons event that could claim the X100. From it then cut down a Telegraph apparatus, of which sparks rained down, stinging and burning Telegraph paper.

English astronomer Richard Carrington first observed solar spots, which gave rise to such a powerful flash. NASA and the us national Academy of Sciences, since 2012, regularly predicted: similar could happen again. Expect such a massive cataclysm. And even more powerful. According to estimates of scientists, the flash is the same barringtonensis, will bring in the electromagnetic field of the Earth constant current so strong that it will literally burn the electrical network. In the first place — the transformer substation. And the planet will be plunged into darkness.

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And it can happen and something really catastrophic. A group of Japanese scientists from Nagoya University under the direction of Professor of Fussy Miyake studied sections of the ancient cedars and oaks that grew in Europe. And found that in the middle Ages, trees were exposed to a powerful energy impact. Causing the contents of the radioactive isotope carbon-14 in the wood increased by 20 times.

By the annual rings, the Japanese determined that the burst of radiation occurred in the year 775. And concluded that it was the source of the x-ray flare on the Sun. Its capacity is 20 times superior to the one that burned Telegraph apparatus. And this is about X2000.

Солнце может сыграть злую шутку с жителями Земли: уничтожит все

But, it turns out, the medieval and the monstrous cataclysm is not the limit. Spacecraft swift (Swift Mission) recently detected a flare and coronal mass ejections, which occurred on the star located 60 light years from Earth in the system DG Canum Venaticorum (DG CVn). Wrest the substance was heated to 200 million degrees Celsius. And the flash was 10 thousand times more powerful than the most powerful flare ever observed on the Sun. If polyhouse star lived aliens, they have come to an end.

Recall that the date of the end of the world coincided with the global celebration.

We also wrote that Nibiru was attacked, aliens spotted near Ukraine.

Even politeka reported that Nibiru has sent a frightening message.

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