The student was kicked out of the elite Lyceum: the cause affects

Ученика вышвырнули из элитного лицея: причина поражает

The student was forced to spend the whole day in the staff room and were not allowed to go anywhere

The conflict the student and teachers occurred in the elite “Pascal Lyceum” in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

Teachers absolutely do not like the fact that the youth came to school with the recoloured in light color hair. For this the teachers he was suspended from school, took him to the office, where he spent the seven lessons. At the same time he forbade to leave the office. Also teachers have stated that they do not want to see the boy in the classroom, until he bring back the hair color.

Ученика вышвырнули из элитного лицея: причина поражает

With this move, the teachers of prestigious schools protested the mother. She is not going to forgive that to the teachers. Lawyers for the family wrote an appeal to the police, the Prosecutor and took him to the Ombudsman.

As previously reported, the high school students in the village of Yurgamysh in the Kurgan region (Russia) discovered in one of the plates with the school soup is a strange piece of meat with white appendages, like tentacles or larvae of the insect. A photo published in a social network.

As told the mother of one of the children, the children who received lunch in the dining room this dish, saying that this piece of unpleasant groin. According to her, the students were not it is just gone from the dining room. But according to school officials, none of the children from food refused.

In the comments to the photo, the user wrote that the discovery is similar to the jowl part of the mouth of a cow, which is normally fed to dogs and is not intended for human consumption.

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The school told reporters that when the picture was taken, lunch was prepared according to the menu — soup with pasta and canned meat production in the Kurgan meat-packing plant.

“All finished products before supplying are checked. Irregularities in the preparation was not. Also during the day there were no complaints from the children and their parents”, — said the representative of the school Valentina Markova.

Ученика вышвырнули из элитного лицея: причина поражает

We will add that in one Kyiv school the teacher allowed himself to tape students tape mouths. She also cut the bangs students. All this was done, allegedly, educational measures, reported in Facebook the father of one of the Schoolgirls Vlad Pugach.

“My daughter is studying in the 67th school in the city of Kiev. Her class teacher has repeatedly been seen in an inadequate attitude towards children. Cutting bangs (it was the case in December of last year) or tape it shut with duct tape kid (even earlier), for it is a normal phenomenon,” wrote the indignant man.

He stressed that the teacher continually humiliates students, and the school administration can not influence the situation, despite the complaints of parents.

Recall that a woman was brutally beaten by a teacher in front of children in Kherson.

As reported Politeka, Smolensk, the teacher attacked the student because he not ate a Burger in detention.

Politeka also wrote that the parents staged a vigilante justice on school bully: “we Brought in a toilet and…”.

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