The strength of femininity and femininity as strength: choosing a bra

 The power of femininity and femininity as strength: choosing a bra

A situation familiar to every woman: in the assortment of lingerie stores it is so difficult to choose a bra that meets all the requirements: both comfortable and beautiful, and the right size… and to be suitable for all occasions. There is a catch in the last requirement: the same bra should not serve all tasks at once.

Underwear designers say that the variety of types of bras is by no means accidental. When choosing, it is important to focus not only on the measurements of chest and underbust volumes familiar to us, but also on the task that underwear is designed to perform. We understand the nuances.
First of all, it is important to know that there is no one bra for all occasions.

Formal underwear: for every day

Underwear “from 9 to 18” or “every day.” Such models are characterized by good support, a high degree of comfort and a classic color palette (black, white, beige). Seamless underwear is also great, which creates the effect of a “second skin”; and does not hinder movement.

Evening option for a playful mood

Kits «out». Here the story is just the opposite, this underwear is usually distinguished by unusual designs, spectacular decor in the form of lace, prints, sequins, rhinestones and original ornaments. Selected depending on the specific image – push up or balconette to create a spectacular neckline, bralette as the finishing touch in lingerie style.

When there is no time to think twice

Models – transformers. Such bras can become a real “savior”, because they adapt to clothes of absolutely any cut and style – you can unfasten or fasten the straps, remove the back, and so on.

If you can't take it off soon enough

Traveler's kit. During flights, transfers and long journeys, comfort is always at the forefront, so lightweight fabrics and soft shapes that allow you to relax, but maintain a supportive effect, are a priority here.

Active lifestyle – your creed

Underwear for sports. Such underwear is tightly fitting, supportive and fixative, and is also made of fabric with good moisture-wicking properties.
All these options, as well as a variety of other models for absolutely all occasions, including non-standard figure and large size, you can purchase on the website or in any of the branches of the AT store throughout the country. Moreover, by March 8, there is an event: when buying one bra, the second for only 8 shekels.

The discount is valid for the brands participating in the event, only for club members (including new joiners) until 9.03 in accordance with the conditions.
To join the club, contact the seller at any branch or register on the website by filling out a simple form

Joining the club is free until 10.03.22

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 The power of femininity and femininity as strength: choosing a bra

 The power of femininity and femininity as strength: choosing a bra alter

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