The streets of the Chinese city was suddenly filled with thick foam

Улицы китайского города внезапно заполнились густой пеной

The incident alarmed local residents

Unusual incident happened last week in the Chinese city of XI’an, Shaanxi province. From manholes in the middle of a busy street began to climb a thick white foam, puzzled many pedestrians and road users, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

In the end, the street began to look like there recently has been heavy snowfall. The nearly 300-meter section of one of the local roads were completely covered with this mysterious substance that does not have a pronounced odor. Her coat was so thick that pedestrians came to his knees.

Employees of city service all day washed away the foam with water, but it continued to come from the sewer. According to officials, the network of pipelines probably got large amounts of detergent.

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However, ordinary citizens suspect that it could be toxic waste, and it is possible that the foam is dangerous to humans.

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