The streams of the Judean Desert are overflowing with water

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 The streams of the Judean Desert overflow with water

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As a result of Storm “Barbara” Floods came to the Judean Desert, filling the streams with the waters of the Judean Mountains, Gush Etzion and Jerusalem.

The amount of water in Nahal Og in the Judean Desert is reminiscent of streams in the north of the country.

Qumran is overflowing with water and pours huge amounts of flood water into the Dead Sea.

According to measurements from the Water Resources Administration, the Kinneret level is now 210.40 cm. This is 4 cm more than in the last 24 hours. The data also shows that the level is 1.60 m from the upper red line, and the flow in the Jordan River is about 55 m3/s.

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