The story of the teacher – the victims of the sex attack of the ninth grader

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 The story of a teacher who was a victim of a ninth grade sex attack

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About a month and a half ago at the Atid school there was a serious incident in Kfar Yona. A 9th grade student committed obscene acts in the presence of a teacher.

The student was suspended for only eight days – and has already returned to class, while the teacher has been injured at home for more than a month and refuses to return.

According to the parents of students studying at the school, the school administration did everything to hush up the case. The intervention of family members of the attacked teacher required the decisive intervention of the school administration and the parent committee of the school.

Speaking to Srugiy, teacher Anat (pseudonym) and Dean's lawyer Alisa Shamai, an expert on sexual harassment and labor lawsuits right, they explained what is going on these days.

The teacher says: “Now I am sitting at home. I'm not going to work, I'm not able to. I cope with my mental state alone,” Anat says with pain. In her words, “I don't have a response from the school. I do not keep in touch with any of the parties, neither with the Ministry of Education, nor with the school. Now I'm busy taking care of myself.”

Lawyer Shamai adds, “Anat is not involved in what's going on at the school. She is on sick leave. She is in a very bad condition. No advice from inspectors. We contacted the director, with whom only we can. For their part, they tried to whitewash this story,” she notes.

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