The Story of Queen Buthan Expresses Love at the Age of 7 Years & Doesn’t Know The Male Candidate for King

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The Story of Queen Buthan Expresses Love at the Age of 7 Years & Doesn’t Know The Male Candidate for King


Love stories like Cinderella apparently don’t just happen in fairy tales. An ordinary woman, Jetsun Pema, managed to melt the heart of Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck who is now the King of Bhutan.

A love story This couple is quite unique, Mother. Like in a fairy tale, their meeting happened by accident when they were little.

Jetsun Pema is an ordinary woman who doesn’t come from royalty. His family had royal connections, but that didn’t make him anything special.

Jetsun Pema and Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck are 10 years apart in age. The two met unexpectedly when Jetsun was 7 years old, Mother. At that time they met at a picnic.

Little Jetsun Pema sees 17 year old Jigme Khesar. He was immediately captivated by Jigme Khesar’s good looks. In fact, Jetsun Pema doesn’t know who the teenage boy is.

Without further ado, the still innocent Jetsun Pema expressed his wish at that moment. He approached Jigme Khesar and said that he wanted to marry her.

This took Jigme Khesar by surprise. He also asked why Jetsun Pema wanted to marry him when they had just met.

“I like you,” Jetsun Pema replied World of Buzz.

Jetsun Pema’s very innocent expression of feelings managed to melt the heart of the crown prince of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Jigme Khesar then promised to marry Jetsun if he was single and love each other when they grow up.

Jetsun Pema blushed at Jigme Khesar’s answer. Then at the age of 10, he was shocked to find out the identity of the man he ‘shot’. Since then, Jetsun Pema has felt pressured by that fact.

Growing up, Jetsun Pema often heard talk about Jigme Khesar’s future wife. Many people thought that as crown prince, Jigme Khesar should marry a woman of noble descent and come from a prominent family.

This made Jetsun Pema worried about her status as an ordinary woman. He wondered if he could marry the future King of Bhutan.

In order to make her dream come true, Jetsun Pema struggles to become a worthy woman alongside Jigme Khesar. He still wants to marry his idol, Mother. Read on the next page.

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