The story of a Shabas jailer accused of having an affair with a terrorist

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 The story of a Shabas jailer accused of having an affair with a terrorist < /p>

In Israeli social networks, information is rapidly spreading that the Shabas jailer was “spinning an affair”; with a convicted terrorist while he was serving his term.

Her name and personal details were published on social networks – and the girl decided to tell her version on the air of the Tsinor show.

The networks claimed that she had an affair with a terrorist and that she moved to live with him in the village. Now the security guard, whose name and photos have been published on the most popular pages on the net, reacts for the first time: “It's all a lie. I say to all female soldiers, don't join the Israel Defense Forces. They didn't support me. They ruined my life.”

The scandal began with a publication in the Haaretz newspaper in September of this year. Journalists have claimed that a PPL terrorist from East Jerusalem was seen campaigning with one of his jailers after his release.

Last week, popular Israeli blogger Zell posted a blurred photo of a jailer. Then the photos of the jailer were published on the popular public Telegram sites.

The jailer herself claims: I saw him once in Tiberias and said: Shalom. It was the first and only time. There was nothing else. There was no connection to this prisoner. I am an ordinary jailer. We didn't have any contacts”.

At the same time, the jailer does not deny that she “helped” to a prisoner” who “experienced certain difficulties.” This is forbidden by the instructions of Shabas – and she was suspended from service.

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