The stars of “95 Quarter” filled Declaration: “I Forgot to make the cow”

Звезды «Квартала 95» заполнили декларации: «Забыли внести корову»

Actors Studio “Kvartal 95” demonstrated the process of filing

Stars of the Studio “Quarter-95” showed how the policy was filled in Declaration before they are placed in the network. This humorous video was published on the official pages of the Studio “Kvartal 95” in Youtube and Facebook.

Starring Vladimir Zelensky, Eugene Koshevoy, Elena Kravets, Sergei Kazanin, Yuri Crappie, Alexander Pikalov.

Peter A. (Yuri Crappie), Julia (Elena Kravets), Oleg Lyashko (Vladimir Zelensky), Klitschko (Eugene Mishka) and Leshchenko (Sergey Kazanin) fill out your Declaration in deadlines at the last day of filing. The President drinks a 10th coffee of the day not daring to start to fill in the Declaration. Lyashko has forgotten to declare the cow as he reminded the President: “You forgot to make the cow”, and Leshchenko does not know where he lives, because he’s with his girlfriend, DJ sleep, and never slept.

Звезды «Квартала 95» заполнили декларации: «Забыли внести корову»

Звезды «Квартала 95» заполнили декларации: «Забыли внести корову»

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Show business

The mayor of the capital Vitaly Klitschko (Yevgeniy Koshevoy), doesn’t know how to fill in the Declaration, and accidentally sends the data instead of your pictures. He then tries to return everything back, but nothing happens

“It is necessary to pull the cord and suck up all the information,” says actor Named Eugene Mishka.

The actor of the people’s Deputy Leshchenko (Sergey Kazanin) was the question about the sources of income. President (Yuri Crappie) was advised to write “fight against corruption”.

Звезды «Квартала 95» заполнили декларации: «Забыли внести корову»

Звезды «Квартала 95» заполнили декларации: «Забыли внести корову»

Mentioned in the show and Cossack Gavrilyuk, — the only one among the heroes, who in 2016 should fill in the Declaration.

Network users liked the Studio “Kvartal 95”, they left their positive comments under the posted video.

“in Russia you won’t see that. immediately agents in the state Department record”, “Lyashko turned out cool,” “And only look for For Mishka!”, “The ending brought to tears”.

Звезды «Квартала 95» заполнили декларации: «Забыли внести корову»

Also earlier it was reported that the Studio “Quarter-95” went through the increase in utility tariffs in the style of Hollywood movies.

The authors show “Kvartal 95” was published on its official YouTube channel parody of Hollywood thrillers in which the comedians walked through the fairly painful for the Ukrainians the subject of frighteningly high tariffs on utilities.

“Quarter 95” used a visual number of famous Hollywood movie “the day after tomorrow”, “Hachiko”, “call”, “mind Games” and “pulp fiction.” The video was aired by the release of “Evening Kiev”.

“From the creators of disaster movie 2012 hryvnia for heating. With the assistance of the inaction of municipal services. Warrner, Brazzzers” is”.

Recall that Zelensky surrounded the office men of a strong Constitution.

As previously wrote Politeka, Zelensky lost a crew member in the USA.

Politeka also reported that the producer of the famous band was on the side Zelensky

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