The star of “the Voice of the country” talked about his connection with Monticom

Звезда "Голоса країни" рассказала о своей связи с Монатиком

Alina Podluzhnaya said that it made her want to try your hand at the project “Voice of country”

As it turned out, it all started on the social network Instagram. The girl who was interested in the work of Monatika, posted on the Internet his interpretation of one of his popular songs. It was about the song “Eternity”. Singer, when I saw how skillfully Alina performs his composition praised the girl, so decided that we should try out for the project.

“I am the infinite love that song. When I heard that Dima will be the coach of the Voice, decided to take part in the project and perform this song, ” commented the singer.

Звезда "Голоса країни" рассказала о своей связи с Монатиком

It is worth noting that the draft statement praised himself Monatik and singer Dan Balan. Alina told me that, although Dan Balan speaks very wise words, and she feels a special musical connection with Monatikom. “Dan spoke such wise words, and I’m grateful for that. However, with Dmitry we have a special musical connection, and I’m so eager to work with him, ” said the girl.

In addition, Aline Pidluzhna lucky to sing a duet with Dmitri singing on the main stage of the country.

“He’s so warm and kind, he has a big heart. Feel it all! I sung comfortably, I went crazy with happiness. But during a private performance, I incredibly worried, and it was frustrating. Honestly, I could do better, but don’t want to think negatively. Still I managed to get to the next stage of the show “, — shared his impressions of the singer.

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Earlier it was reported that the famous singer Dan Balan told reporters that he had to Carol.

Звезда "Голоса країни" рассказала о своей связи с Монатиком

So, the singer Dan Balan, which this year took the place of the star coaches of “the Voice of the country”, commented on the rumors about a possible romantic relationship with Tina Karol. In the “high life” Dan Balan spoke about the sympathy for the Ukrainian beauty. “I do everything really, I can’t tune to play, especially with such emotions. It’s not for show. I wish I was interested in the judgment seat, because there are many pauses, and we sit there from morning till night. I was looking for, what makes me really interested and it turned out that Tina interesting of all ” — Frank said the singer.

Still recall that 20 January on channel 1 + 1 was the premiere of the most ambitious vocal show the Voice with the upgraded coaching staff.

In addition, it was reported that the third broadcast of “blind” auditions vocal show “the Voice”.

Another wrote that the affair between Carol and Balan is gaining momentum.

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