The star of the show “the Voice” tried to undress on stage: hot photos

Звезду шоу "Голос" пытались раздеть прямо на сцене: горячие фото

The famous Russian singer Saville Valiev, who previously appeared on the show “the Voice”, told how she wanted to get half-naked to perform in front of the Russian oligarchs

According to the singer, she was contacted by the assistants of the famous Russian oligarch and was invited to speak at a private party in their underwear.

Звезду шоу "Голос" пытались раздеть прямо на сцене: горячие фото

“The administrator announced some “additional conditions”, they say, to compete in a closed circle, and the dress code would need to be approved separately. In conversation it became clear that this underwear”, she said.

Once the parties have heard the refusal, they started to bargain with a celebrity and raised the price for up to 5 million rubles for the performance, but all the same not agreed.

Valiyev also said that her friend the singer on the contrary – pleased by this offer and agreed to it. However, the singer did not disclose the name of the peer.

“It’s a personal choice. There are different platforms, with different people. But what to do when you’re spoken to as a “singing cowards”? They are in your mind at all? I’m concerned about this problem. I have not yet covered an audience of millions, just starting to build his career. Such filth has no place in my art,” added Saville.

The singer in this situation angered and even outraged that the representatives of the oligarch was sure that they will be able to achieve this.

Звезду шоу "Голос" пытались раздеть прямо на сцене: горячие фото

“Yes, I was in shock. Similar situation with the hints I have already been once, but it was spotty. And now, after a year all has repeated, but already from other people, more powerful. It’s good money. I could buy an apartment in Moscow. But, fortunately, I choose the sources of their income, which match my requirements and principles,” concluded the star.

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