The star of “Interns” wrote Maxim Galkin in the “list of perverts”

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 Star of "Interns" put Maxim Galkin on "list of perverts" /></p>
<p>Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin spoke about Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, who refused to support the Kremlin regime and left for Israel.</p>
<p> According to Okhlobystin, Alla Borisovna – a rather controversial figure, and her husband is not part of Russian culture at all.</p>
<p> "Renata Litvinova– part of Russian culture, I'm not even talking about Zemfira. But Galkin – it's not part of our culture, it's something from the design shop, special stages, which have become the main ones. All the programs with it made me dumbfounded, I am generally afraid of such anomalies. I didn’t hold a candle, I can’t say anything about him as a person, but I feel some kind of alienation, & ndash; said the actor.</p>
<p> Okhlobystin also clearly hinted that Galkin might be a pervert, like Boris Moiseev.</p>
<p> can be an amazing person. Look, Boris Moiseev, too, no matter what anyone says about him, and close friends assure that he is a wonderful comrade. I just have a very negative attitude towards these perversions, you know, & ndash; added a supporter of Putin.</p>
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