The star of “Game of thrones” was suspected affair with a young actor

Звезду «Игры престолов» заподозрили в романе с молодым актером

The star of “Game of thrones” Richard Madden commented on the rumors about the affair with Brandon Flynn.

Several times Richard Madden and star of the series “Thirteen reasons why” Brandon Flynn catches the eye of the paparazzi at the joint walks. Communication of the actor with former boyfriend Sam Smith could not give many thoughts about the new star novel, and The New York Times turned to Madden for comment, reports the with reference to

In the upcoming biopic “Rocketman” Richard Madden played the role of a Manager and lover of Elton John, after which he told reporters that in a sex scene with a man and a woman there is not much difference. This, along with his time with Brandon Flynn, made their fans and the tabloids to suspect the actor sexual orientation. The New York Times noted that, when asked, Madden didn’t seem worried, but the answer is not in a hurry. “I just leave his personal life personal. I never talked about their relationship,” said the actor.

As it turned out, it also complicates the paparazzi life. “I wear the same clothes several days in a row, because if the photos look as if shot in one day, the paparazzi will not be able to sell them. Nobody wants hundreds of identical frames to me with a juice glass on the street,” said Richard.

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The answer of the actor has not brought any clarity, so while the fans and journalists can only speculate. We will remind, in January of this year, Madden broke up with sweetheart Ellie Bamber after one and a half years of relationship.

Звезду «Игры престолов» заподозрили в романе с молодым актером

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