The star of “DeAngelo” lit up in the company of Dasha Astafyeva: “style Icons”

Звезда из "НеАнгелов" засветилась в компании Даши Астафьевой: "Иконы стиля"

The famous Ukrainian singer, the soloist of the group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska continues to delight followers with new images and videos

The singer is very often pleases fans on his page in social network Instagram different staging or home pictures and videos.

Звезда из "НеАнгелов" засветилась в компании Даши Астафьевой: "Иконы стиля"

So this time the artist has published on his page in the social network photo, which she sealed with his colleague — famous singer Dasha Astafyeva.

As you know, recently premiered Ukrainian Comedy “Producer”. The event brought together a stellar cast of actors, who played in the movie. One of the main roles, of course, went to the Dasha Astafyeva. Was attended by such celebrities as Paul Zibrov, Alexey Durnev, Michelle Andrade, Andre tan and others.

Could not resist a visit to the premiere and Thank Kaminska obviously visited her together with her husband Edgar Kaminsky.

Netizens in turn were happy to see the singer, along with Dasha and wrote numerous laudatory comments in their address.

“Beautiful😍😍”, “More hits you!💕”, “Beauty)😘”, “Dolls😻”, “cutie pie ❤ This”, “is This legit ?! Is it legal ? It may night💥🧡”, “Eyes Shine😍you’re glowing, those girls look nice 💓💓”, “Beauty! Every year better and better !!!”, “chrysalis😍”, “icons of beauty”, “Astafieva — just 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥”, “Dasha is very cool, man! I went to a rally in defense of animals, and there she was, Valeria Kruk, very good people, sincere and friendly, huge respect!”, “Glory to the beauty 👍💐💐💐💐💐”, “test babusona🤣👍🔥🔥🔥”, “And Edgar as guards ; -))),” write the users of the network.

Звезда из "НеАнгелов" засветилась в компании Даши Астафьевой: "Иконы стиля"

Звезда из "НеАнгелов" засветилась в компании Даши Астафьевой: "Иконы стиля"

Звезда из "НеАнгелов" засветилась в компании Даши Астафьевой: "Иконы стиля"

Звезда из "НеАнгелов" засветилась в компании Даши Астафьевой: "Иконы стиля"

Previously, the singer decided to share with his fans the good news. In Instagram she published an emotional post, telling about the successful shopping trip.

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According to star, she has finally found a worthy replacement for your beloved long lasting jeans that came in the, and even managed to find the right model pants.

Also Kaminska noted that her favorite jeans have served her 4 years, but recently they fail, and it failed to find a worthy replacement.

“Sometimes in order to feel happy, you just need to buy jeans))) the Most usual, without any extra zeros and brand manufacturers. Jeans that have served you for 4 years in the hot summer, changeable autumn, cold winter (and sometimes in warm tights with fleece) and spring, just treacherously cracked on the ass at the most inopportune moment😒⠀⠀

They were my favorite, so popular that 40 pairs of fashionable and expensive, simply could not compete with them😕 I really missed them. Wore skirts, dresses, cried and missed you. So often, we think that we will never be like 😥 And then a miracle happened 😂 ⠀Today was a normal winter day. I climbed with my mom shopping and…… Two pairs, different colors, but all the same favorite model 🥳😍 we’re back together 😂 only now we are three 😂 I and two pairs of my brand new😂😂😂”, — said the artist under his new post.

Netizens said that very well understand the feelings of the artist, after all, and found themselves in a similar situation, and noted that the new pants really are.

We will remind, the man of Fame Kaminskaya “distorted” patient, it’s hard to believe in this reincarnation.

As reported Politeka, Thank Kaminska dramatically changed her image.

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Also Politeka wrote that the Glory of the “Deangelos” showed “the birds and the bees”.

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