The Spaniards forbid the free breaks at work

Испанцам запретят бесплатные перерывы на работе

On average, they rest for 2 hours.

The Spanish government is planning to introduce a new system of the account of working hours in the country. It is assumed that all interruptions which the employee spends outside the office, will be taken into account and deducted from your paycheck. This will affect all breaks, including a lunch, reports the with reference on the most Important.

According to the government, this measure compensates entered into force on 13 may rule that employers must pay all their employees at an inopportune time. According to the government, the Spaniards spend an average of 2 hours of operating time on a variety of breaks. For example, around 11 am many Spaniards go to a cafe for a Cup of coffee, and a few hours later go to lunch.

The government will have to discuss the proposal to deduct all breaks from the wages of employees with stakeholders: trade unions and business representatives.

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Similar ideas are discussed in other European countries but they usually are associated with Smoking. For example, according to a survey by 2017, 44% of Danes believe that Smoking breaks should be deducted from the wages of smokers. And in Poland estimated that Polish companies are losing because of smokers more than 7 million euros daily.

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