The sore spots on the human body

Any knowledge can be useful to us in practice.

Самі больові точки на тілі людини

And knowing where are the weak points on the human body, can in a certain situation even to save your life and health, because you’ll know where it is better to hit an aggressive opponent, or area of your body you should protect in the first place. So…, reports Rus.Media.


It is the most vulnerable area in the upper part of the head. If applied at the area the strong and sharp blow, the man might die.


The detectives are often shown as a man pushed, she hit on something head and died… It is true, under the temple is the artery of cerebral membranes. A strike to this area can lead to a concussion, and it threatens as loss of consciousness and death.


A punch in the nose is not only a lot of pain. It may disorient a person, cause bleeding. The nasal bone is very easy to break. The bridge of the nose. It is connected to the optic nerve. If “knowing” can poke it with your finger, it can result in death.


If you hit a man in the eye area, it is not just acute pain, the victim may lose eyesight. And if you poke in the eye with your thumb, you can get to the brain and inflict irreversible damage.

The lower jaw

A point located a little below the articulation of the jaw to the ear, also called “the area of the knockout.” Sent side impact leads to damage of the cervical spine, and the enemy falls. That is why during the battle, the participants often dipped his chin, trying to cover the affected place.

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Adam’s Apple

Even a slight strike to this area can lead to choking or vomiting. If you hit hard, it can lead to unconsciousness or death.

The elbow joint

Even when we accidently hit his elbow, it hurt a lot. A strong blow to this area can cause numbness of the hand.

The solar plexus

Everyone knows that a blow there, especially upwards, is very painful, as it “arrives” on the internal organs – heart, liver, lungs. The consequences can be very serious.

The region of the heart

A strong blow here is easy to kill, as the people’s heart will stop.

Very painful poking fingers between the ribs, although the particular dangers they carry.


It is in the abdomen is a large part of our internal organs. No wonder the “belly” in our language from the word “life”. Also in the old days was a common expression, “not sparing the stomach”. Especially dangerous deep penetrating strokes in the upper part of the abdomen. Blow in the lower part enters into a state of shock, and if he is strong enough, it can lead to serious internal damage.


No wonder such a common expression “to beat kidney”. Attack them, not only causes severe pain, it can lead the body into disrepair and turn the person into an invalid.


For men bumps in the groin and perineum particularly painful. But if hit hard, it can be fatal.


Kick in the kneecap is not only very painful, it could lead to injury and even disability. As a result of the blow can break a Cup or disrupt the mobility of the knee joint, which will lead to constant sprains.

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Myths about pressure points

One of the most common misconceptions: if you know where to hit, the enemy can permanently incapacitate. In fact, it is important to know not only where, but how and at what angle to strike. Quite often I hear that on the neck there is some mysterious point, clicking on which you can hypnotize someone if you do not die, at least lose consciousness. Well, maybe the masters of martial arts capable of such a thing. But the average person is difficult to find this point and right to influence it.

Exactly the same myth is the fact that person can be killed in one easy kick, if you use a special technique “deadly touch”. This can be seen only in action movies.

There is another horror story about the fact that if you break a man’s nose broken cartilage can damage the brain. But from the point of view of anatomy is just not possible…

There is also a theory that pressure points on the human body have different degrees of vulnerability depending on the “ebb” and “flow” of energy. Those who supposedly has a so-called “art of the poisonous hands” may deduct such periods and to use it to disarm opponents. But this is not confirmed by anything legend.

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