The son of Shlomo Dumrani was tried to eliminate the people of the Caucasian mafia

 People of the Caucasian mafia tried to liquidate Shlomo Dumrani's son

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According to ynet, police uncovered an assassination attempt on the son of Israeli mafia chief Shlomo Dumrani a month ago.

Dumrani's son Nissim (Nino), after being released from prison, allegedly broke with crime – but two members of the Caucasian mafia and the criminal organization Beni Shlomo tried to kill him. The two groups formed an alliance against Dumrani.

Nino Dumrani is the eldest son of Shlomo Dumrani. a criminal empire created by a parent, but at some point it became clear that for this role he had neither charisma nor intelligence. He resold cars, got married and even tried to change his last name.

his gangster organization. “Caucasian mafia” – repatriates from the Caucasus. who grew up together in the neighborhoods of Ashkelon. As a formalized criminal organization, they joined Benny Shlomo. “Caucasian” engaged in racketeering, selling liquor, and crushing various businesses with the help of “zitz-chairmen”. The head of the “mafia”, presumably, is Ishay Khanukaev.

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