“The son got in an accident”: in Kiev swindlers enticed at the woman 150 thousand hryvnia

«Сын попал в ДТП»: в Киеве мошенники выманили у женщины 150 тысяч гривен

Fraudsters managed to hold.

In Kiev, police detained the swindlers who deceived the woman, whose son allegedly “had committed an accident,” reports the Chronicle.info with reference on I and the Law.

A call was placed to a landline phone. Unknown told the woman that her son got in an accident, so need the money. Soon at the threshold of her home appeared in “the courier”. From Kiev gave criminals 113 000 hryvnia and US $ 1300.

Outside in the car the crook was waiting for his accomplice. When the attacker left the victim with the money he got in the car, and then went in the direction of the street milyutenko.

The men were detained. The suspects were natives of the Zaporozhye region — 1973 and 1990 years of birth. One of them was already brought to criminal responsibility.

Speculators were involved in two similar offences. Every once in Kiev, the attackers came only a few days, rented an apartment, and after the crimes was returning home.

In the apartment where last settled “on tour”, the police raided where seized 53 000 UAH, 500 Euro and 600 USD, and also gold products.

For what he did to them threatens till three years of imprisonment.

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