The soloist of the group VIA Gra wanted to change citizenship

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 The soloist of the group VIA Gra wanted to change her citizenship

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Russian singer, soloist of the group VIA Gra Ulyana Sinetskaya, wants to change her citizenship to Ukrainian, as her young man, Ukrainian singer ALEKSEEV, announced.

In his interview to Slava Demin, he noted that from the first days of Russian aggression, the girl condemns the actions of the Kremlin and wants to permanently move to Ukraine.

“Of course, if she returned here, she is absolutely on our side. She absolutely believes that good is on our side. I, as a man who loves her very much, want only the best for her in the future. Therefore, I really want to change her citizenship”, & ndash; said ALEKSEEV.

The singer stressed that it is very difficult to change Russian citizenship to Ukrainian now, but he believes that he will be made concessions and he will be able to speed up this process.

“She lives here for four years with me, from the very beginning of our relationship, she wants to build her future in our country, next to me,” the artist added.

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