The soloist MOZGI daughter

У солиста MOZGI родилась дочь

The soloist MOZGI daughter
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Photo: Instagram

Vadim Fedorov, aka Uncle Vadya, became a father for the second time.

At the beginning of November one of the members of the group MOZGI Uncle Vadya (real name Vadim Fedorov. – Ed.) said he is waiting for replenishment in the family.

– Next year, expect replenishment in the family. My wife expected the birth of a child is a very important event for us in 2020, – said the Uncle Vadya during the filming of the Christmas show of the TV channel “Ukraine” “from Ukraine, 20-ti!”.

And yesterday, November 25, the actor and his wife Maria became parents to a beautiful baby girl. As it became known “KP” in Ukraine”, the girl called Sofia.

– Selectgroup MOZGI Uncle Wadi addition to the family! All of our creative family congratulations Vadim, reported on the official group page in the social network.

The artist himself admits that very happy:

– I was overwhelmed with emotions so much that yesterday (25 Nov. – Ed.) I was not able to sleep. The girl was born. Weight – 3300 g, height – 52 cm, his Wife gave birth to an ordinary Kyiv hospital. Daughter saw immediately after birth, she has a very shrill voice. I am happy boundless.

Vadim and Maria also has a son Alex.

У солиста MOZGI родилась дочь

Vadim with his wife Maria and son Alexei. Photo: Instagram


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