The soloist “DeAngelo” called his real name

The singer admitted that Vick is an alias.

33-year-old Victoria Smouha gave a Frank interview to “Sravana high road” in category “Kava z pepper” on TV channel “Ukraine”. The singer admitted that in fact, Vick is the alias producer Yuri Nikitin came up during the creation of the group “NEANGELY”. Now the girl’s name – Catherine, writes the with reference for Today.

“Anyway, the name Kate – it is native for me. And all your friends, all your loved ones and even the young man I was initially told to call me by my native name,” says the singer.

The actress said that he was proud of the fact that people close nazvat her real name, as the work and personal life should be separate. The choice of the singer affectionately calls her Katya.

“As both parents and sister. And I don’t think it is shameful, and I’m proud of it, because creativity is creativity, and your family roots, your parents who have been so awarded, they should you still be called by your real name” – said Victoria Smouha.

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