The soldiers stormed the house, the terrorists shouted: don't shoot!

 Soldiers stormed the house, terrorists shouted: don't shoot!

Channel 12 correspondent Nir Dvori published new details of the operation to apprehend the terrorists who killed Vyacheslav Golev in Ariel.

The terrorists planned attack yourself. They were helped by the fact that they lived near Ariel and knew the area well. They watched the routine work of the guards at the entrance to the city. The terrorists bought Carlo submachine guns worth 6,000 shekels each and practiced shooting.

A car with Israeli license plates was used during the attack.

The terrorists immediately after the attacks burned the car and returned home on foot. They carefully hid the weapons used for the attack – Carlo submachine guns.

Within two hours after the attack, the Shin Bet figured out who could have carried out the attack and where the terrorists had come from. The army began blockading the area of ​​the village of Karavat Bani Hassan. The terrorists walked home for several hours. When they got home, they felt safe and went to bed.

The Shin Bet and the IDF, meanwhile, were preparing a raid on the village. The special forces entered the village, surrounded the terrorists' house and opened fire on one of the walls. At the same moment, both terrorists jumped out of the windows with their hands up and shouting “Don't shoot, we're coming out!”

The father of one of the terrorists during interrogation said that he named his son Yahya – founders of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigade, Yahya Aisha.

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