The Slavic triad of parasites

The grass in the process of its evolution, has developed a unique organic compounds that can be called countybuy.

Слов&#039янська трійчатка від паразитів

Since ancient times our ancestors used the healing power of herbs, reports Rus.Media. The grass in the process of its evolution, has developed a unique organic compounds that can be called countybuy. In this article we will tell you how to cook and make a triad of parasites.

Слов&#039янська трійчатка від паразитів

Creating their own organic compounds, herbs have healed themselves protected and to deter the parasites. For some time, the ancient ways of healing herbs, have been forgotten, but now they have resurfaced and became quite popular.

Herbs United in a unique biocomplex – triad Ivanchenko, helps to cleanse the body from almost all kinds of worms, also contribute to the inhibition of a variety of bacteria and fungi.

The composition of the triad is simple:

flowers of tansy;

the leaves of wormwood;

clove seeds.

A classic recipe of the Slavic triad

For starters, dried herbs should be ground into powder to make a homogeneous mixture, but not mixing them from one another. You should then measure out 100 grams of tansy, 50 grams clove and 25 grams of wormwood and mix it all together in a single container.

Store the drug mixture should be glass, clear or metal containers with tight-fitting lid.

You can sort the powder into special gelatine capsules, if any, at the rate of 1.7-1.8 grams per dose. Capsules better than taking the herbs with a spoon, as the mixture very bitter taste.

There is another recipe for triad, but it is not as effective as the first.

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Because of the strong bitterness, some people can not take tansy and wormwood, are also the first type of fee is not desirable for the reception of those who suffer from stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, and erosive gastritis. Pregnant and breastfeeding.

The second version of the triads consists of 100 grams of marigold flowers, 50 grams cumin seeds 50 grams of dried calamus root. This type of triad is called triad by Ivanchenko.

Doses triad

Until triad the body must gradually get used to it and therefore it is necessary to gradually increase the dosage of the mixture. Triad is taken half an hour before meals.

On the first day only in the morning on the second day, morning and evening, the third day of the triad can be taken three times a day. One dose of the mixture — incomplete teaspoon. It should drink plenty of water. Thus, to take an herbalist should be from one to two weeks.

During this time, the triad needs to cleanse the body of all worms and parasites. Further, it can be taken once a day with the goal of preventing the emergence of worms.

It is worth noting that the triad also helps to improve the condition of skin, nails and hair.

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