The Sixth Mile publishes a patriotic and painful video

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The Sixth Mile publishes a patriotic and painful video

In August, the new album “Upe” of the group “Sixth Mile” was released in the country, in which one of the most emotional songs is the composition “Grandfather” by the group’s leader Agra Gedrovič and the poet Ivars Strautiņš. Celebrating the month of patriots and looking forward to Latvia’s 103rd birthday, the painful story of the song is now told in a video story.

The director and producer of the video story for the song “Grandfather” is Ieva Šteinberga, who has invited the cinematographer and editing director Mārtiņš Šteinbergs. Maris Ribickis in the role of grandfather, but Sintija Ribicka in the role of always expectant wife.

The author of the song’s words, Ivars Strautiņš, tells about the creation of the song: For a man who loved life and his land very much. For a man who knew how to work for his country and, if necessary, defend it. All you had to do was wait for inspiration and write it down. It seemed that “such men are no longer being made.” To live with such inner strength in spite of the powers that come and go, accepting all the trials of destiny. Later, when I had already published this poem, I realized from the comments that such men with similar destinies are known to many, and I am especially pleased about that. Love this life and you will be rewarded! ”

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