The situation in Ukraine: summary of the General Staff

 Situation in Ukraine: summary of the General Staff

The General Staff of Ukraine has published a morning summary, as of March 9th. It is specified that hostilities continue in the northern and northwestern directions in the areas of Nizhyn, Ivanitsa and Trostyanets. The defense of Chernigov continues. In Kyiv, the Ukrainian military continues to hold the line. In the southern direction, the operational groupings of the defense forces cover the border and the sea coast, guard and defend airfields and critical infrastructure facilities. In Berdyansk, Russians are distributing propaganda materials aimed at discrediting the military-political leadership of Ukraine. In the Chernihiv region, in settlements temporarily occupied by Russian troops, Russians continue to hide weapons and military equipment among residential buildings. In the Russian Federation, cellular communication towers are disabled. Russian servicemen dressed in civilian clothes were found in the Kherson region. They were moving in the direction of Nikolaev.

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