The singer shared candid shots

Ани Лорак поделилась откровенными снимками

The actress was photographed in clothes without a bra.

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who was suspected of breast augmentation surgery again put their charms on display, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

40-year-old actress has published in his Instagram pictures, which she captured without a bra. Carolina posing in cropped trousers, sand-colored and form-fitting blouse with extreme cleavage.

Your sexy look, the singer added a chunky earrings, rings, sunglasses, and open sandals. “Your attention is priceless… My love is infinite”, — mysteriously she wrote.

Fans began to comment on the publication. Many believe that Ani Lorak after the divorce began to dress provocatively. “One can see that the woman is in active search, Direct yells: I’m free,” “the Picture is titled looking for a husband! The storyteller was already”, “do These photos women desperate..awful. At the stylist the day off?”, — commentators write.

The paparazzi have photographed Reese Witherspoon at the exit of the restaurant

And the most goggle-eyed fans of the singer saw one of the photos the photographer: “You have already seen in the reflection on the door in the face of a man who takes pictures of Carolina on the iPhone!?”.

Ани Лорак поделилась откровенными снимками

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