The sexiest contestant Masterchef-9 share recipes organic dessert

Самая сексуальная участница  МастерШеф-9  поделилась рецептом органического десерта

The sexiest participant in “Masterchef-9” share recipes organic dessert [photos]
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Yuliya Akimenko told how to cook granola.

The party the ninth season of the cooking show “Mastershef” Yuliya Akimenko after completion of the project never ceases to delight fans with recipes. This time she said in Instagram, how to cook organic dessert with granola.


  • granola
  • lactose-free yogurt
  • banana
  • candy for decoration
  • Chia seeds for decoration.

Method of cooking: putting it all on video.

– Ready, enjoy most alive cheese, summed up Akimenko.

Earlier, the “KP in Ukraine”, wrote that the party “Masterchef-9” shared with subscribers of outright the with pineapple.

– The photo you were looking for. The one that looked the judges – jokingly signed the Akimenko.

It girl lying in an empty bathtub in her panties. Breasts Julia covers two pineapples. Of course, fans will not have passed such a picture, his favorite, covered her with compliments: “Chic”, “Pineapples. Symbolic”, “Very beautiful girl”, “Figure bomb”, “Very beautiful”, “the Bomb.”

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Publication from Julia Akimenko🦋 (@yulia_akimenkooo)


Glinskaya told how to cook rice pudding.

Ex-judge “Masterchef” has shared the recipe for the popular British dessert.

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