“The sex was”: Cybulski made the confession about DZIDZIO

"Секс был": Цыбульская сделала признание о DZIDZIO

Olga Tsybulsky said about his relationship with a famous Ukrainian singer and artist DZIDZIO

Not so long ago a Leading wrote a post on the social network Instagram, where she stated that her former partner in a romantic relationship wanted to ruin her reputation.

“My ex called concert Director and asked that I conducted his wedding. Said that I lost my number, promised to pay triple the fee! I understand that he wants to make fun of, will tell everyone how his ex did his wedding. I told the Director that no normal woman will not stand with him a year, it’s a Scam 100%. And I don’t want to mess up your statistics, because I spent 629 weddings, and every one is happy! Today I’m in the river and preparing to make happy more people!” — wrote Olga.

"Секс был": Цыбульская сделала признание о DZIDZIO

However, in the river it turned out that Cybulski denies any relationship with DZIDZO, except professional and friendly. She told me that they had sex, but only on the scene, comparing the music with amorous pleasures. “Play we can. I say that we on stage were having sex, because the music is real sex. But it is only at the stage of”, — said Olga, disappointing lovers of conspiracy.

"Секс был": Цыбульская сделала признание о DZIDZIO

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian singer and presenter Olga Tsybulskaya openly talked about the betrayal by their loved ones. The celebrity admitted that her life has changed dramatically with the arrival of fame, but not all these changes were for the better. According to Tsybulsky, when it came to fame, a close people started to blame her for it, causing relations with them deteriorated.

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“Always found frustrating when friends betray in trouble, but even worse when you do not pass the test of happiness. I was not prepared for the fact that the higher you go, the less real friends you have,” — said the singer.

She remembered that her childhood friend could not come to terms with her victory in the Ukrainian “star Factory”, and eventually broke off with her communication. When this girl said that she was “far from the stars.”

Cybulski also said that he had lost many friends because of refusal of alcohol and parties.

Also recall that the frontman of the group DziDzio Michael Homa beat raider Michael Bags due to the fact that the artist did not share with him the business.

Yet it was reported that there had been an unexpected marriage of two of the participants of the show “Dances with stars z-2018”.

In addition, it was written that on the fact of hooliganism with the participation of popular Ukrainian artist DZIDZIO criminal proceedings.

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