The seventh JVLMA Contemporary Music Festival deciBels / Day will take place in October

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The seventh JVLMA Contemporary Music Festival deciBels / Day will take place in October

This year, the festival will focus on guests from Belgium – a contemporary music ensemble Fractals and composer Gilles Gober (Gilles Gobert). Ensemble Fractals from Brussels is one of the new generation of the most creative and active participants of contemporary music life, their visit to the festival is planned not only as a concert, but also a master class for performers and young composers.

Latvian performing arts will be represented at the festival Trio Metamorphoses and saxophonist Aigars Raumanis. The concert of these musicians is expected to feature six premieres of compositions by the youngest generation of Latvian composers.

Finally, a constant value deciBela There is an ethno-jazz concert at the festival, the 6th edition of which will be heard at the end of the festival on October 8.

An extensive master class program is also planned within the festival. In addition to the already mentioned Fractals master class programs, on October 6 and 7, Jill Gober will share his experience using the computer as a musical instrument.

In turn, in cooperation with the festival Sound forest On October 8 and 9, lectures are planned for prominent experimental music artists – Elvin Karen (Alvin Curran), To Adam Metloka (Adam Metlock) a Jack Quartet.

The festival will take place on October 4 at 17.00 JVLMA Organ Hall will open the Second Competition of Contemporary Chamber Music Interpreters of the Music High School See (!) Window laureates concert. Similarly deciBelam, one of the aims of which is to encourage JVLMA students to interpret contemporary music, See (!) Window calls on music high school students to address this goal. In the concert we will hear young musicians playing compositions by Peter Vasks, Toru Takemic, Vila Oferman and other composers.

October 5 at 19.00 JVLMA Great Hall, opening concert of the festival Fractals Contemporary music ensemble Fractals, based in Brussels, was founded in 2012. Fractals specialize in conducting chamber music without a conductor, and its core consists of five musicians, Renata Kambarova (Renata Kambarova, flute), Jean Ponte (Gian Ponte, piano), Marion Borgella (Marion Borgel, violin), Diego Koutinyu (Diego Coutinho, cello) and Benjamin Maneirol (Benjamin Maneyrol, clarinet). Initially, their attention was attracted to spectral music, but now it can be said that Fractals the repertoire has expanded to very different manifestations of contemporary music – content nationalism, concrete and electronic music, new complexity and minimalism. The ensemble pays great attention to cooperation with young composers – in 2017, a residency program was established BE Connect, which enables composers from different European countries to participate in creative workshops with the ensemble’s musicians. Fractals have performed at contemporary music concerts and festivals in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Estonia and Russia. In the program we will hear compositions by Tristan Mirai, Mikela Urkisa, Žil Goberis, Santa Ratniece and Linda Leimane.

October 6 at 19.00 Bright young musicians of the new generation will perform in JVLMA Great Hall – Trio Metamorphoses and saxophonist Aigars Raumanis. Trio Metamorphoses is a chamber ensemble that gives a seemingly simple composition of instruments – two flutes and a piano – a hypnotically suggestive sound. Since the ensemble’s founding in 2015, flutists Liene Dobičina, Zane Jurēvica and pianist Zane Rubesa have been playing in it. The ensemble is characterized by the search for a new repertoire, collaboration with composers, interpreting existing and commissioning new compositions. Saxophonist Aigars Raumanis is one of the brightest Latvian musicians of the younger generation, winner of several international competitions, winner of the Grand Music Prize in the category The young artist of the year (2019), as well as JVLMA and LMT Annual Award for Young Musician 2018 and winner of several other awards. Pianist Herta Hansen will play together with Aigars Raumanis. The core of the concert program will be compositions by young Latvian composers, created in close collaboration with musicians. In the concert we will hear the premieres of compositions by Madara Peterson, Alise Rancāne, Marita Semjonova and Gaita Jānis Pujāts, but for Plato Buravickis there will be as many as two.

On October 8, at 19.00 One of the festival’s business cards will be played in the Riga Art Space.

ETHNO + JAZZ vol.6. The ethno-jazz project was created in 2015 as a collaboration of students of two departments of the academy – jazz and ethnomusicology – for the festival. deciBels. The aim was to create a concert program that would combine elements of jazz and world music. To achieve this goal, the students of both departments were divided into several compositions and had a joint performance during the week. This year, the program is created by involving well-known musicians in the process – early music performers, flutists Ieva Nimenas and jazz singer Laima Rācenāja. The “theme” of the traditional annual project, or the orientation to help students in the creative process, is very open this year and can be widely interpreted – “Lots …”, allowing young musicians to express themselves freely and creatively.

The full master class program is available on the JVLMA website

Tickets and entrance cards only in advance

The organizers of the festival ask the listeners to arrive in time, because when the concert starts, the entrance to the hall will be denied.

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