The Serf star admitted how much she earns per shooting day

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The serf star confessed how much she earns per shooting day

Natalka Denisenko earns more actively on Instagram.

Ukrainian actress Natalka Denisenko on the air of the program & # 171 ; Zirkovy shlyakh & # 187; told how much her shooting day costs. So, the artist admitted that & # 171; 12 hours both in the cold and in hunger & # 187; will cost the director about $ 500-600. At the same time, the star said that she could earn this amount in just a couple of hours by publishing a series of advertising stories.Note that the career of the actress began 10 years ago, but popularity came to Denisenko after the release of the melodrama & # 171; The Clan of Jewelers & # 187 ;. After that, the artist was invited to star in another motion picture in the same genre & # 8212; in & # 171; Wounded Heart & # 187 ;. This time Natalka got the main role.

An honorable place in the filmography of the actress is occupied by the series & # 171; Serf & # 187;, where Natalka played Larisa Yakhotinskaya. Now Denisenko is busy with a new project & # 8212; TV series & # 171; With whom you will behave & # 187 ;.

Denisenko said that there is enough work in her life and she even had to refuse to participate in one of the shootings. At the same time, the star noted that the size of her fee has been somewhat reduced, because she is filmed in Ukrainian-language films that will be released exclusively on the territory of Ukraine.

As for Instagram, Natalka has an advertising manager who helps the star select partners for cooperation. The actress does not set fixed advertising prices. It is known that Denisenko has different tariffs for paying for advertising services and the cost of each integration is discussed separately. At the same time, it is not so easy to become an advertiser. The artist often refuses to cooperate with brands and asks not to take it personally.

& # 171; Natalka has a large audience, a huge part of the country reads and watches her, advertising something is an incredible responsibility to people. Therefore, Natalka is very careful about advertising. To recommend a low-quality product is a mistake that is not forgiven & # 187 ;, – says on the page created for cooperation with a star.

Note that now Natalka Denisenko's audience on Instagram has 237 thousand subscribers.

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